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ADD : NO.1 Xinghuo Road,High-
              Industry Development Zone
              Changzhou Wujin.
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P.C.: 213000
Changzhou YoBen Friction Materials Co., a set of mining, development, production as one of the major public mining company that has developed into a truly its own production, research and development of professional friction (brake) raw material of modern high-tech enterprises, "the China Association of friction sealing material" Members. The company has currently eight Daigai Ring Road fire roasting boiler and love’s odd series of graphite furnace of the two units, as well as the suspended roller mill and roll on the broken machine vibration isolated set of the production unit. The successful development and production of the leading domestic level with a number of seal products to use environmentally-friendly friction materials ...[MORE]
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ADD:NO.1 Xinghuo Road,High-tech Industry Development Zone, Changzhou Wujin. TEL:0519-88790118 FAX:0519-88236006