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      Changzhou YoBen Friction Materials Co., a set of mining, development, production as one of the major public mining company that has developed into a truly its own production, research and development of professional friction (brake) raw material of modern high-tech enterprises, "the China Association of friction sealing material" Members. The company has currently eight Daigai Ring Road fire roasting boiler and love¡¯s odd series of graphite furnace of the two units, as well as the suspended roller mill and roll on the broken machine vibration isolated set of the production unit. The successful development and production of the leading domestic level with a number of seal products to use environmentally-friendly friction materials, concrete products: molybdenum
disulfide; copper fiber; brass fiber; copper powder; brass powder; Asha high-carbon compound tablets; zinc oxide; Zircon powder; antimony sulfide; copper sulfide; PbS; ceramic fiber; Ma fiber; Penjiao rockwool; coke; artificial graphite; carbon fiber; flake aluminum; cellulose fiber; glass fiber; toughening expanded graphite; Kevlar Fiber; organic steel fiber; hollow aluminum ball; modified drift beads and so on.
The company also has workshops lampworking professional production, the introduction of German AEG-speed electric control the production of copper wire drawing technology of cotton, cotton aluminum. With an annual output is "Hu" brand of graphite, carbon coke, sulfur, glass fibers, copper and other metal fibers and non-metallic fiber up to more than 8000 tons, the company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and GB / T certification, Procurement of production, sales service throughout the entire process in accordance with strict standards, excellent product quality stability, fair prices, is now sold all over the country more than three hundred sealed friction products manufacturing enterprises, some of the products are exported overseas, many customers receive a higher evaluation, Is a real self-owned R & D and production of raw materials friction material of modern high-technology enterprises, is the friction material production base in one of the important raw materials.
The company has always followed a policy of "honest and trustworthy, professional innovation," the concept of business, pay close attention to product quality, modern production, scientific management, to create super-customer satisfaction with the quality standards. Providing customers with excellent products and first-class service. We will strive to serve our customers improve the market competitiveness of the brand lay a solid foundation for the supply of raw materials. In the new century, our friends Yuanyuguangda hand in hand to create friction materials industry, a better tomorrow.
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ADD£ºNO.1 Xinghuo Road,High-tech Industry Development Zone, Changzhou Wujin. TEL£º0519-88790118 FAX£º0519-88236006